Names missing from roll

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The National, Monday 20th May 2013


SOME people in Imbonggu and Propa in Southern Highlands will miss voting during the local level government elections because their names are not on the common roll.

An intending candidate for the Imbonggu-Propa president’s position Henry Talopa said even his name was not on the roll and the flaw would deny these people of electing their leaders.

“Even my name is not on the common roll and I am contesting the president’s seat,” he said.

Talopa said staff at the Walium district office said the rolls were being sent from the Agiru Centre in Mendi.

“The staff also advised me that people who do not have their names on the common roll will not vote,” he said.

Talopa said he was from Kipora village where they had four council wards – Nakop One, Nakop Two, Nakop Three and Nakop Four.

He said each ward had a population of 800 or more but only a few people had been registered.

“Can the provincial election office in Southern Highlands tell us what actually happened when names are missing?

“What plans have the provincial electoral office in Mendi has when people do not have their names on the common roll?”

He urged local MP Francis Awesa and Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen to look into any “shady deals” in the electorate.