Namus appeals for peace

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013


MOROBE provincial law and order chairman Peter Namus is appealing to intending candidates and their supporters to allow peace to prevail during polling in the local level government elections.

Namus called on people from the 33 local level governments in nine Morobe districts to allow citizens to exercise their democratic rights without fear, favour, bribery and intimidation when voting starts on Saturday.

 “We need to respect our Constitution and the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government (OLPLLG) and choose leaders wisely for they will represent our community for five years,” he said.

“These 33 presidents will be our hope and voice representing the silent majority in provincial Tutumang (assembly) floor therefore be mindful, choose wisely and allow peace throughout polling and counting.”

Namus said the presidents’ terms of office would end on Aug 30 when the writs were returned to Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen, who then would submit them to Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio.

“From the period June 6-Aug 30, we remain as presidents and provincial chairmen of agencies and provincial executive council (PEC) members while continuing with our incomplete programmes and projects until the writs are returned.”

After returning from campaigning in interior lower Watut on Tuesday, Namus claimed that many rival candidates had misled the people by saying that he (Namus) was no longer a president.

On misconceptions regarding the K500,000 funding from the national Government to all local level governments, Namus  said: “This K500,000, the break-up was done and certain percentages were tied into social infrastructure development projects. 

“Presidents have no total control and access over these monies.

“Since the issuance of writs, the government ceased all funding to LLGs.”