Nandex urges dads to be responsible

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The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 FORMER world kickboxing champion and father of three, Stanley Nandex, has called on dads to take responsibilities at home seriously by taking equal part in child welfare and raising them. 

He said women were largely left to mind the house and children but that had to stop because the world was changing quickly and men had to assume full responsibility as well.

Nandex spoke yesterday at a conference to encourage greater participation of men in maternal and child health. 

“The norms and cultural beliefs that were taught to us served different purposes that were to occur at different times,” he said.

“A father’s involvement in the family is significant as it provides a sense of security for the children and the mother,” he said.

“We are always reacting to law and order issues but we don’t see that our own children are the main actors.

“We tend to blame it on service providers, yet the child’s wellbeing and upbringing starts at home, and it’s with us parents.  

“As a sportsman and a champion, I enjoy playing my part as a father, I help bathe my children and I cook for them too,” Nandex said.

“In the eyes of the public we maintain our status but back at home, we must bring ourselves down and get dirty. 

“A father and mother should maintain respect for each other and play their role as parents equally because we were put on earth as equal partners.”