Nangoi helps parents with fees by subsidising copra prices


SUMKAR MP Chris Nangoi has a better deal for parents in his electorate to assist them raise funds for school fees.
Nangoi told The National that since the announcement by the Marape Government to make education a shared responsibility, he decided to subsidise the price of copra.
He said currently, the price of copra was at K1.20 to K1.30/kg so he had paid a K1 million to three copra buyers to raise their prices to range from K1.80 to K2/kg.
“This is to assist parents with the education assistance for the parent’s component (of school fees),” he said.
“Now that the Government has off-loaded the responsibility to
parents, we (MPs) must help parents.
“For my district, I put in K1 million to get them (parents) back into the plantation to earn the money to pay the fees.”
Nangoi said he had engaged three cocoa-buying outlets – one outlet owned by a Chinese man Luke Linguan who was buying at K2/kg, the second at Biabi station for K1.90kg and the third at Kulili station at K1.80/kg.
In the Government’s new education school fee programme,
the State will only cover 63.3 per cent of the fees while parents paid the remaining portion (36.6 per cent).

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