Naomi sets example for siblings


AS the eldest in a family of four, Naomi Anis always tries to be a good role model to her two sisters Ann Grace and Esher, and brother Harvey.
“I try to set a good example to my three siblings, for them to follow my footsteps.”
Naomi, 25, recently graduated as a lawyer, a career she had set her mind on in school. She worked hard to excel often burning the midnight oil to achieve her dream.
She dedicates her success to her family, especially her three siblings who are always looking up to her to set an example for them. Ann will be into third year pursuing a civil engineering course at the University of Technology. Esher is in Grade Nine at Goroka Secondary and Harvey is in Grade Three.
Naomi was born on May 20, 1996, the eldest child of Susan and Navi Anis of Ward Two in the Henganofi district of Eastern Highlands.
Mum Susan is a hotel chef in Goroka. Dad Navi is self-employed. Her uncle and aunt also sponsored her education through university and the Legal Training Institute.
She started her education at the Goroka Grammar School in 2004 then to Goroka Secondary School. She enrolled at the University of PNG in 2016 to take up law.
“I decided to take up law when I was in Goroko Grammar. I had an assignment in which I was tasked to research the career path I want to pursue in future.”
She chose law and researched about it. She got full marks and she was determined to become a lawyer.
“I’m blessed and satisfied. I didn’t expect to get an award but I thank God, my parents and the family who supported me throughout.”

“ I try to set a good example to my three siblings to follow my footsteps.”

Like other students, 2020 was a challenging year for Naomi as everything was affected by the Covid-19.
She managed to complete university and graduated from the Legal Training Institute (LTI), the final step before being admitted to the bar.
She received the top prize in Commercial Law and received top achievements in mining and petroleum, and in professional conduct and ethics. Her family was present to see her receive her award.
“At least their coming here is not a waste. They witnessed me receive an award for getting the best results. I’m grateful to them.”
Naomi thought back to all the hard work and sacrifice she endured to qualify as a lawyer. She remembers the tough timetable at the LTI which was very much different from the one she experienced at the University of PNG.
“Sometimes I did not sleep and eat well. There was little time to rest and relax. I learnt to stay up during the night and go to class in the morning without resting.”
Because of her strength in commercial law, she plans to look for a job in a company and build her experience.
Her advice to young people, including her siblings Ann Grace, Esher and Harvey, is always to put God first and everything else later.
“I’m so happy and thank God for his care and protection throughout my five years of study.”