Napapar villagers form HIV/AIDS awareness group

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The National, Thursday 13th September, 2012

A THEATRE group from Napapar ward No.3, Gazelle district, East New Britain, was this week launched at the Central Gazelle district office in Kerevat.
The theatre group, East New Britain Ambassadors, mostly made up of young boys and men, a handful of women and people living with HIV/AIDS is keen to create awareness about the disease not only in the province but during the upcoming PNG Grassroots Games in November.
The group will focus on blending Tolai traditional chants and music with drama relating to the disease during public performances.
It is understood they will represent Gazelle district in the fight against HIV/AIDS during the games.
The group is among eight similar groups that have been identified and funded by the Provincial AIDS Council to carry out awareness during the games.
Provincial health adviser Nicholas Larme said the launching of the group was the first and made up part of a series of launchings of a provincial awareness programme to be made this month.
The programmes will lead up to the Grassroots Games.
He said the first part of the programme was advocacy and training.
ENB Ambassadors received a funding of K3,000 from the Provincial AIDS Council to help with its programme.
It is understood the other eight groups yet to be launched will receive the same amount of funding for their programmes.