Nape’s holiday a waste of taxpayers’ money

Letters, Normal

I WOULD like to express my discontentment about speaker Jeffery Nape who is currently holidaying in Cairns for the last two months (The National, Nov 12).
This is absolutely extravagant and a massive waste of taxpayers’ money holidaying overseas for more than two months.
This is unacceptable and an improper conduct by an MP.
I call on the relevant authorities to conduct an investigation.
It was very interesting to know that many desperate, distressed and frantic MPs had been meeting the speaker in Cairns. 
It is a shame both the government and opposition chose to meet to the speaker in such a manner.
And among his visitors was the prime minister.
The office of rural development has stated that Sinasina-Yongumugl is a failed electorate as the speaker has failed to deliver any service despite being a two-term MP.
The money that is being wasted in Cairns could have made a huge difference for the people in the electorate.
The money could have been used to buy medicines, books, repair and maintain roads, fix health centres, aid posts and schools, etc.
Is it right for the authorities to just sit back and watch what is happening without taking action?


Usa Papua-Sana Bana
Port Moresby