Nape claims cops used force on him

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The National, Tuesday 13th December 2011

speaker Jeffery Nape said he was forced to stop his vehicle by two policemen who wanted to give him a plastic bag.
He said what was of concern to him was the manner in which the officers had approached him as the speaker, the head of one of the three arms of government.
He said at around 9am yesterday, two policemen stopped him and threatened him as he wound down the glass to listen to what they wanted.
A policeman came with a plastic bag and said they had brought something for him.
Nape related the incident in parliament then referred the matter to the parliamentary privileges committee.
Leader of government business Moses Maladina moved that the item be referred to the committee.
Opposition MPs had filed a contempt charge against the speaker for his decision in August to disqualify Sir Michael Somare as prime minister which Nape had been reportedly evading.