Nape urged to form own party

Lae News, Normal

The National, Tuesday 24th January 2012

PARLIAMENT Speaker Jeffery Nape has been urged to form his own political party before the issue of writs for the general election.
The advice came from the people of three local level governments in the Sinasina-Yongumugl district, Chimbu, this week following an announcement that he was with Kandep MP and Finance and Treasury Minister Don Polye.
Representatives of the LLGs of Tabare, Suai and Yongumugl called on Nape to cut links with Polye’s new THE Party and form his own or join an existing party.
Tabare LLG president Kopol Kimba said Nape, who had demonstrated mature decisiveness on the floor of Parliament, did not deserve to be a follower.
He said Nape should be the leader of a political party.
“We do not want him to follow others and dance to other people’s drum beats.
We have Chimbu brainchild political figures in the likes of late Sir Iambakey Okuk, who led the PNG National Party.
“We have some Chimbu parties like the PNG National Party, Party for Justice and Dignity and PNG First Party that Nape should now consider leading,” Kimba said.
Suai LLG president Shem Korul said Nape had played a pivotal role in the change of government that brought about relief to parents through the school fee subsidy policy, free health services and other changes for the good of the people.
“Many are keeping their eyes and ears open for Nape to make a decision to form or lead a separate political party.
We are only three months away from the election.
“Nape can you please make up your mind so we can help you to run a party in the election,” Korul said.
Nissan Kerenga, from the Yongumugl LLG, said Nape was a decisive leader who could not easily be moved.
“You have demonstrated capabilities so do not follow candidates and parties.
“We strongly demand you consider leading a party of your own,” Kerenga said.