NAQIA board has final say

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, June 24, 2011

I REFER to the letter “Advertise MD’s post, NAQIA” (The National, June 22).
The managing director’s position has been advertised in the two daily newspapers.
The board of NAQIA is well aware of the expiry date of the MD’s position.
The current MD, Andrew Yamanea, is qualified for the position and the board appointed him based on his qualities for  three consecutive terms.
There are many Papua New Guineans who are similarly qualified but the board makes the final decision.
One thing the writer has to be mindful is that it is a technical field.
You cannot pick somebody from the streets and put him/her in that position.
As far as NAQIA is concerned, Ya­ma­nea carried out his duties without fear and favour.
He has a good track record and ensures the institution’s books are audited.
If the writer wants that position, then he/she should apply for it and go through the normal screening process by the board.
The writer must bear in mind that Ya­manea will also be reapplying for his old position and the board will make the final decision on the managing director’s position.


Kak Pasait
Port Moresby