NAQIA will ensure safety

National, Normal

The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013

 ALL goods and items entering PNG are subject to quarantine inspection by the National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority, the organisation’s managing director Andrew Yamanea said.

In a media statement yesterday he said inspections are carried out at the airport, seaport and international mail exchange to ensure all items are free of pest and disease infestations and contaminants.

“The aim is to ensure quarantine services are delivered in the most effective manner and in accordance with internationally acceptable sanitary and phyosanitary standards (SPS), as set by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and International Organisation for Animal Health,” Yamanea said.

He said this would help minimise the risk of entry and spread of biosecurity risks (pests, disease, weeds and other invasive species) that would harm PNG’s economy, livelihood and environment.

“As part of the clearance of goods at the international points of entry, all imported items are subject to quarantine inspections in order to enforce compliance with the import conditions per the original import permit presented for clearance and to ensure the consignment and its packaging material is free of pests and disease.”

Importation of animal and animal products, plant and plant products and biological products (micro-organisms) required an appropriate import permit from relevant organisations and NAQIA prior to import. 

Yamanea said appropriate application for permission to import must be lodged at the NAQIA permit office for screening and approval. 

“Upon approval, permits are issued for importation of the goods. Presentation of original permit is required for quarantine clearance of goods,” he said.

“All international mails are also subject to quarantine inspections upon arrival at the international mail exchange at the Boroko Post Office in Port Moresby.” 

Yamanea stressed that the items of quarantine risk must first be declared. 

“Quarantine risk items are inclusive of live animals and plants and their products as consignments and its packaging material. Labelling of the consignments must be in English and appropriate.

“This is to provide sound scientific quarantine and inspection services.”

“The quarantine officers inspect the vessels (ships, yachts, commercial and private aeroplanes, etc) for pests or vectors of pests and diseases, and to ensure garbage is disposed of correctly.”

“Stringent import and export control through a permit-based import systems and physical inspections of all incoming goods, freight containers, vessels, aircraft, passengers and crew of vessels are maintained.