Narak Cup indeed lights up Jimi

Letters, Normal

The National

I WOULD like to thank the organisers and sponsor of the recent Narak Cup rugby league competition as reported recently in The National.
Jimi is one of the most unfortunate and remote corners of the country in terms of lack of infrastructural development and basic goods and services.
However, the inhabitants are just as good as any other person you find in PNG.
Lately, rugby league has turned out to be a game of passion for the people of Jimi.
The rugged country has not been a hindrance in organising a tournament.
The people of Jimi are proud of successfully hosting the Narak Cup preliminary and final (The National, Aug 27).
Players had to walk for hours through rugged terrains and jungles and cross fast flowing rivers to arrive at the venue every Saturday.
After their games, they repeat the process.
These players, officials and their supporters have shown a lot of sacrifices and commitment throughout the 15 weeks of competition.
All of them must be highly commended.
The organising committee, led by Gul Karape, must also be given special mention.
I also take this opportunity to thank the sole sponsor, Mai Dop.
He has shown that he not only loves rugby league but is a true Jimi to the core by donating K10,000 to sponsor the competition.
I take this opportunity to thank everyone for showing Papua New Guineans that the rugged terrain, fast flowing rivers and long distances cannot stop us from playing the game we love – rugby league.


Peter Kopa
Baura village
Jimi district