NARI works to accomplish Vision 2050

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The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013

 THE National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) is working to develop and accomplish the national government’s Vision 2050 through the agriculture sector, general manager Raghunath Ghodake says.

He said agriculture would be one of the keys to accomplish the plan.

Ghodake said NARI needed the government to provide support so that it could prepare and be equipped.

NARI has seven centres in the country and all are working to complete a hook up to the national governments vision in agriculture, he said.

NARI has been making a lot of input in the past years due to the climate change.

“NARI has imparted skills and technical advice to farmers during climate change and change of the weather pattern,” Ghodake said.

He said some provinces had minerals and some did not.

He said to make sure that everyone benefited from the revenue, NARI was working hard to promote and boost the agricultural sector to benefit many.

“As we normally say that agriculture is the backbone for the country.

“But my question is how can we make it work?

Ghodake said to make it work, NARI was providing science and technology to help farmers and make the agriculture sector prosper.

NARI was there to protect crops from diseases and infections, he said.