Naru: Airline firms operate illegally

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The National, Monday July 15th, 2013

 SEVERAL airline companies are operating illegally in Morobe, Governor Kelly Naru says.

And he has called on the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to investigate these companies.

Naru said that in a recent incident, a small aircraft belonging to one the illegal operators, flew so high that it almost caused an air disaster with a plane owned by a third level airline.

He said some of the small planes were operating without proper licences while their pilots were not certified to fly and they were also using airfields that had not been certified by CAA.

He said that CAA and other relevant government bodies lacked audit and inspection capabilities to monitor these illegal operators. 

“This is dangerous and severe breach of the Civil Aviation Act of 2000,” Naru said.

Naru said a similar complaint was raised by a third level airline about the illegal operators in Morobe.

He said the airline had complained that they were not making any profits as there was strong competition from the companies.