Naru delivers tablets to school

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The National,Thursday June 23rd, 2016

STUDENTS at the Igam Barracks Primary School in Lae can now go online to do research on school projects thanks to the Morobe government who bought 100 tablets for the school.
Governor Kelly Naru gave the tablets to the 300-plus students of the school on Tuesday.
Naru said the tablets were bought at a cost of K50,000.
He said the his government partnered Digicel to implement  a new “e-learning” programme in the province.
Naru said the programme also involved the setting up of Digicel towers in remote locations in the province for communication purposes.
“You’re very lucky. You now have access to the latest in information gadgets,” Naru told the students.
“In my time, life was difficult. This is a hallmark achievement for this school.
“Today’s knowledge is at your fingertips.
“We want to produce an educated population who can contribute meaningfully to this country.
“These resources cost a lot of money and don’t come easily so when you are using them take proper care.”
Naru challenged the students to concentrate on their education.
Digicel’s Shent Kiddie said the company was happy to partner with    the Morobe government to bring the tablets to the school.
He said Information Communication Technology (ICT) was a necessity nowadays and the tablets would drive the e-learning in the school.
“These tablets are not like the normal tablets,” Kiddie said.
“You will use these tablets as your library.
“These tablets contain millions and millions of useful information.”
Head teacher Reuben Rupo thanked the government and Digicel for the tablets.
He said the devices would be looked after and used properly by the students.