Naru plans Lae market expansion

National, Normal

The National, Friday 12th April, 2013


MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru wants to expand the Lae main market so that it has more space for local vendors. 

The option is to renovate the present facility to use whatever space is available, including the congested main bus stop next to it, also due for an 


“I want to redo it and subdivide the facility to ensure our local vendors are given three-quarters of the space to do their business,” he said.

“It is their market and they must be the main vendors and operators of other support services such as security, toilets and wheelbarrow providers.”

The market can also be relocated to an empty land outside Lae city, probably on the highlands highway.

Naru said relocation was a viable option but he was aware of the limited state land remaining in Lae city. 

Naru will meet Lord mayor James Khay and the city council to discuss a six-point petition handed to him by Huon district women on Tuesday regarding the market facilities.   

“As I have stated previously about land ownership in Lae, Morobeans must be majority owners and participants in every commercial activity, including the market,” he said.

Naru supports Morobe people in reclaiming ownership of land in and around Lae and using financing schemes to enter into business ventures.

“Morobe is ours and we must participate actively in meaningful activities, not spectate from the sidelines like we have been doing in the past,” he said.