Naru provides assistance for grieving families

The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016

Morobe government officials on Friday visited the relatives of two people killed in Lae last Saturday before assisting them with cash and food.
Morobe Governor Kelly Naru said the gesture was to help the grieving families to meet funeral expenses and was in line with his government’s “kol wara” (cold water) approach to resolve conflicts.
The delegation, led by Naru, visited the mourning houses of the late Angau Memorial Hospital senior pediatrician Dr Alphonse Rongap and gave K10,000 to his family before heading to Eriku Lodge, where they met with the relatives of late Unitech student Graham Romanong and assisted them with K10,000.
The delegation included Deputy Governor Judas Nalau, district presidents Daki Mao (Umi-Atzera), Andrew Gena (Leron-Wantoat), Philemon Tomala (Salamaua), acting provincial administrator Masayan Moat and chief of staff Mala Ahi.
The delegation visited the mourning houses after meeting last Tuesday before resolving to assist the relatives.
Naru expressed his government’s sympathy to family members.
Naru said what happened to the two victims were not good and was caused by bad people living in the community.
“Dr Rongap is a Morobean. He came here a long time ago and lived like a Morobean,” he said.
“He contributed more to Morobe in his service as a doctor.
“Those who had taken his life prematurely are very evil people.”
One of late Dr Rongap’s sons, Dr Alphonse Rongap Junior thanked the provincial government for the visit and assistance during their time of grief.
Junior said his father had lived most of his life in Lae, contributing more to Morobe than any other province.
The delegation proceeded to the Eriku Lodge were they met Romanong’s relatives before giving them K10,000, a cow and food items to help meet their funeral expenses.
Naru told Romanong’s relatives that his government and the people of Morobe were sorry for the loss of their son.
Naru said because Romanong’s killing happened in Morobe, his government felt obliged to assist in bringing peace to the family members, immediate relatives and tribesmen of the late student.
“We have lost a young life at an early age,” Naru said.
“He did not die in a good way. We are so sorry for his tragic loss.
“Please accept our token and pass our condolences and sympathy to your people,” Naru told Romanong’s relatives.