Naru: Sack Awesa

National, Normal

The National, Monday October 21st, 2013

 MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru said Works Minister Francis Awesa should be sacked for misleading the people of Lae about the K100 million for the city’s roads.

“I call upon Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to sack the Minister for Works for issuing misleading and obviously unchecked and unconfirmed reports that the funds were already in Lae,” Naru told  people at the 52nd Morobe Agriculture Show. 

“I call on the PM to replace him with one of the three Morobe ministers who are in the cabinet so they can make sure Lae city roads are fixed quickly.

“I was challenged by the minister for works who publicly said the Lae city roads maintenance and rehabilitation funds of K100 million was already transferred to Lae and I checked with the chief accounting officer but there are no such funds in the Treasury.

“I will fight until our roads and other infrastructures are fixed. I cannot sit back and see taxpayers and citizens suffer for so long as a result of poor infrastructure.

“This is unacceptable and I thank our prime minister’s support to me to get our roads fixed.

“But the Department of Works and the minister have firstly, let our prime minister down and secondly, taxpayers and residents of Lae city.  

“It is only fair that the PM sack the works minister and replace him with one of the three Morobe ministers,” the governor said.