Naru: Stop stalling release of funds

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013


MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru on Monday accused the provincial administrator of stalling on the release of funds for projects. 

He launched the scathing attack in front of a group of officials including acting provincial administrator Geoving Belong at the signing of a memorandum of understanding for the proposed Umi township project in Markham. It included Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Paul Isikiel and Director of the Office of Urban Development, Max Kep.

The outburst follows months of delay by the provincial administration to fund the projects proposed by Naru.

“Money is sitting in the bank and I don’t know why we are not moving,” he said.

“There is K30 million sitting in the bank account and the government is going to take the money back. 

“Administrator, please move it. We can deliver, the political will is there but the problem is with management.”

Naru said he had wanted to deliver K300,000 to help start the Umi regional centre but could not because of the administration bottleneck.

Last February, Naru had pledged K2 million to supplement the government’s K2 million to launch the Markham Oil Palm project. But the funds are yet to be released.

“I want the administration to lift your rate of efficiency and implementation,” he said. 

“Give it 200%.”

Naru told Belong to make sure that K500,000 was handed over to Markham Oil Palm by the end of the week.

“We have to start these projects, we want to enhance and empower our people economically,” Naru said.

“Service and cooperation are important. 

“We have to serve without discrimination and to the best of your ability.”

Belong agreed that public servants must be more submissive and cooperate with political leaders.

He blamed the current impasse in the administration processes on administrative problems but was confident this will change in the next few months. 

Belong is deputy administrator-corporate services and has been serving as acting provincial administrator since early this year.