Naru wrong to blast his administration in the media

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 29th, 2013

 ALLOW me to respond to comments and criticisms made by Governor Kasiga Kelly Naru regarding the Morobe provincial administration. 

Firstly, the governor is a lawyer by profession but  that does not mean he understands everything that is happening within the public service. 

For him to say that the recruitment and selection process within the administration is “illegal” clearly shows that he does not understand the public service system in PNG. 

He should have consulted with the Department of Personnel Management and the public service minister for clarification on this issue before going to the media. 

If the acting provincial administrator sits on the provincial supplys and tenders board, why not also sit in for the selection and appointment of officers for the administration? 

Secondly, the governor saw fit to slam the administration for inefficiency. But did he consider the fact that it was he and his provincial executive council (PEC) who appointed the current acting provincial administrator, allowing him to oversee the administration until a new appointment is made? 

His own PEC’s decision has seen the entire administration come to a state of confusion for the past seven months. 

Regarding the K30 million sitting in the bank, it will be nice for the public and the administrative staff to know what money he is referring to. 

If this money is sitting idle in the bank, then he should question his acting provincial administrator. 

He is the chief financial officer and should be the one advising the administration which programmes and projects the money is to be spent on rather than going to the media and speculating. 

It is sad and unhealthy for the province to have such a situation where the governor is labelling the administration as inefficient and using threats to get things done. 

It is a slap to the face for competent, qualified and hardworking officers in the administration. 

The governor needs to get his facts right and choose the appropriate channels of communication if he wishes to see the province moving ahead. 


Silent observer