Naru:I will not be served

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday 20th September, 2012

MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru says he will serve his people rather than being served.
Delivering his inaugural speech at the hand­over ceremony in Lae last week, Naru said: “I am here as your servant to serve you to the best of my ability and not to be served.”
He was speaking at Tutumang House, the provincial headquarters.
Northern Governor Gary Juffa and the Morobe’s parliamentarians, business partners and other stakeholders attended the ceremony.
One notable absence was former governor Luther Wenge.
Nawaeb parliamentarian Gisuwat Siniwin could not make it to the ceremony as he had to accompany Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to China.
In a first of its kind event, all the parliamentarians except Siniwin signed a document to put aside their political differences and to commit themselves to working together for the good of the province.
Naru outlined a deve­lopment roadmap for Morobe that will serve as an obligation for all the parliamentarians present at the ceremony to work together.
 “I want to make it clear that political leaders are here to ensure that funds are made available, policies are in place and development programmes are set,” Naru said.
“It all happens to be the implementing agencies who are going to make it happen and these are the public servants, including the extension officers, community development officers, teachers and nursing officers back at the remote areas.”
He said his government recognised and understood the importance of the strategic visions of the O’Neill government and he wanted to assure the national government and the development agencies that he would take heed to ensure everyone was on the same page.
“I will work with my 33 LLG presidents, ward councillors and business leaders and the Morobe people to achieve the objective of improving peoples lives   by delivering basic services that has been lurking in the past,” Naru said.
He added he will do his best to deliver  to where services are needed the