Nasfund’s SMS service on

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THE “textbal” service of National Superannuation Fund Ltd (Nasfund) to date has 18,000 subscribers who will now be receiving updated balance via short message service (SMS).
The service which is Nasfund’s latest, introduced early last year, has assisted members to get free information on their balance wherever there were changes in the savings accounts, according to NasFund joint chief executive Ian Tarutia.
Team leader for marketing and client relations Turaho Morea said the textbal service saved members time and energy in visiting the Nasfund offices to be able to know their balances in their superannuation savings.
 “Text’bal is a service which enables you to receive text messages from Nasfund informing you of your updated balance as when your contributions go in.
“So we have up to 18,000 members who are currently using this service and we are still encouraging other members who have mobile phones on any network to become a user of  textbal because its very, very easy,” Mr Morea said.
He also said starting this week when the savings accounts were updated including the interest from the 15% credit rate, the subscribed “text’bal” members would be receiving their new balances via their mobile phones.