Nasfund entitlementapplication

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013

 I WOULD like to air my views on the prolonged processing of Nasfund entitlements. 

After submitting my application in June, I was advised it would take two weeks to process. 

With all the required documents in order, my application has taken almost three months.  

Besides personal enquiries at the Nasfund branch, I had to make calls to check on the status and it has been in the “approval stage” for three months now. 

If the workload is too much because of the numerous applications, please allocate some of the workload to staff who are doing nothing to assist. 

Nasfund recently made a K3 billion in profits.

So what is the holdup? 

Nasfund has to pull up its socks and attend to such queries in a timely and efficient manner.


John Thomas