Nasfund exploring options

Ian Tarutia

THE National Superannuation Fund (Nasfund) is exploring potential investment options in infrastructure projects, says chief executive officer Ian Tarutia.
Tarutia said during an investment conference yesterday that these included projects in electricity, telecommunications and ports.
“The fund is looking at investments in infrastructure-type assets that deliver economic returns,” he said.
“Things of interest on the radar of our investment team are opportunities in the telecommunications, opportunities in power generation, opportunities in port-type infrastructure.”
Tarutia said the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic had revealed that housing was missing.
“Housing is a barometer of activity,” he said.
He urged the superannuation funds, lands ministry and housing authorities to see how best to address housing for the people.
“The Covid-19 has exposed that we can’t have everyone together in a cluster,” Tarutia said.
“People need to be separated and there’s got to be ample distancing.”