Nation needs new govt: Polye

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

OPPOSITION leader Don Polye says the nation needs a new government that upholds and respects the rule of law.
Polye said if the Opposition assumed government, they would provide better leadership than the O’Neill Government.
“Our focus is on the members of parliament on the floor, especially on the Government side to join this team (Opposition).
“The person we need to change is Peter O’Neill because we know that he has been providing a one-man leadership,” Polye said on Friday.
“He has not been leading in a collative and a consultable manner as is required by Papua New Guineans. He has been leading as a dictator.
“He does things without considering the rule of law and without respecting the systems in place.
“Therefore, we believe that only Peter O’Neill is changed and MPs on the other side can join this team to have a much better Government to restore leadership integrity and credibility.
“There is a need to restore confidence in business sector and political climate, law and order, restore confidence among the students, pilots, doctors, civil servants, ordinary citizens.
“This is the team and this is the solution to all the pressures that we experience today.”
Polye said this when welcoming People’s Progress Party leader Ben Micah and New Generation Party leader Bire Kimisopa to the Opposition ranks. “They have made a decision for the good of the people. They have seen how Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is running this country down.  And they want change,” he said.
Polye said the new government would focus on bringing services to the people, uphold the rule of law, respect governance and pursue a vibrant economy.