Nation urged to pray


THE public holiday on Monday is not just another holiday, but a day the nation should gather to pray, seeking God’s forgiveness, Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Elias Kapavore says.
Kapavore, who is the deputy chairman of the Social and Law and Order Sector Ministerial committee, said the Government recognises the declaration of the Repentance Day as a public holiday nationwide.
It was to be observed as a special day for prayer and reconciliation and not just a public holiday to celebrate.
Kapavore said PNG could not claim to be a nation without God and the Bible just as George Washington said in the 1800s.
He said a lot of the attitude problems with the citizens was because of the lack of God in the families, the communities and the workplace.
“I appeal to all public servants to observe the day,” he said.
“I appeal to every beer outlet and business houses to stop trading and observe the day so that God is before everything in this nation.”
Community Development, Youth and Religion Minister Wake Goi said Aug 26 was a time for forgiveness and it was appropriate for all leaders, bureaucrats and all citizens to pray and ask God for his forgives and blessing.
“It is not an ordinary holiday,” he said. “It is a time to reflect on the life of everyone.
“We lack wisdom and do a lot of bad things so it is time to ask for his wisdom.
“Everyone must take this day as a special time with God.”
A main prayer programme will be held at the Sir John Guise Stadium on Aug 26 organised by the Papua New Guinea council of churches and the Body of Christ.

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