Nation urgently needs police commissioner


THE nation urgently needs a permanent and a neutral Police Commissioner.
He/she will perform their constitutional functions without fear or favour and will not bring disharmony within the rank and file of the Police Department hence will not create disunity for PNG.
The person should possess the relevant experience and qualifications to expedite the investigations of some of the most controversial and high profile outstanding cases that has kept the entire nation in suspense for a while.
Cases such as:

  • The failed K900 million Caymans Islands Investment;
  • the Cairns Conservatory deal;
  • the conspiracy and fake MVIL Trust Funds transfer and investments in Australia;
  • the misuse of K200 million funds for the NID Scheme;
  • the K200 million failed SABL scheme;
  • the K40 million Manumanu Land scandal;
  • the sale and unscrupulous deals of the Old Parliament and other war relics;
  • the re-opening of the Hanuabada killings in 2015;
  • the five missing scientists in West New Britain;
  • the sudden disappearance of the former Highlands Region elections manager (Tiane Openakali) in Chimbu;
  • killing of several police officers in Enga and Southern Highlands during the 2017 national general election and related incidents;
  • killing and injuries caused to students during the nationwide tertiary students unrest in 2017;
  • murder of the former BDA chairman Fred Konga;
  • failed Apec Summit and lavish spending of taxpayers money on wasted assets like Maseratis, Bentleys etc;
  • spending on all the huge offshore loans obtained and who benefitted the most and how the monies were expanded; and,
  • the current revelations by the Transport Minister (William Samb) in relation to the misuse of K40 million to buy MPs during the vote of no-confidence.

Some are cold cases and they need to be reopened so we the citizens can be satisfied of what had actually transpired.
The Marape/Steven Government should now push for the ICAC Bill to be passed in Parliament so it can help establish a new look ITFS Team that will enable and give them wide ranging powers to investigate within and outside of the country.

Steven Supi Palisa

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  • Furthermore, when is the Police Minister and his appointed investigators finalizing the investigations into the killing of four (4) youths at 4mile Madang last year?

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