National Alliance man Isoaimo still leads

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 11th, 2014


NATIONAL Alliance Party candidate Peter Namea Isoaimo maintains his lead in the Kairuku-Hiri by-election after Count 30 yesterday.

Isoaimo has polled 11,773 votes, with Paru Aihi, of the People’s National Congress, following on 9,661 votes.

Votes for Isoaimo however started to become fewer as counting on the ballot boxes from the Kairiku  local level government began yesterday.

Count 27 was for the last box for the Mekeo LLG. After Count 27, Isoaimo had gained 223 votes to lead with 11,572 votes.

Aihi gained some ground during Count 28, which was the first ballot boxes from the Kairuku LLG. Candidates Henao Iduhu and Saraga Saki Hanua are at third and fourth respectively.

Eight ballot boxes remain after Count 30. Election officials will then go through quality checks and the elimination process for the first pre­ference.

Acting returning officer Alfred Kennedy Edene said election officials faced problems during counting such as the use of initials, crosses and unclear numbers and names.

Edene said the Government must find solutions to the problems to make counting easier.

According to election officials, the Kairiku LLG had 20,000 eligible voters but only 11,000 voted.