National Alliance to remain with govt

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The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

NATIONAL Alliance Party leader Patrick Pruaitch says his party remains part of the Government, although founder and East Sepik Governor Sir Michael Somare may be siding with the Opposition.
He said that before departing for Alotau yesterday with 78 other Government MPs, including Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.
Pruaitch said stabilising the Government’s work programme would be the focus of the meeting and not the numbers game.
‘We are going down to Alotau, as the prime minister has indicated, to consolidate  and look at our work programme for the coming months,” he said.
“I think we have seen what stability has done for the country.
“We now need to demonstrate that in genuineness by going to Alotau.
“As the prime minister has indicated, the Government’s numbers are intact, PNC (People’s National Congress), URP (United Resources Party), NA (National Alliance) and most of our coalition partners are there.
“We’re basically going down to get the members psyched up.
“We’re more focused on the (2017) election than worrying about this (no-confidence vote).”