National Disaster Office must be effective, efficient

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday November 19th, 2015

 I WONDER is the National Disaster Management Office been mandated under an Act of Parliament?

If so, did the acting Director for National Disaster Management Office, through the Chairman of the National Disaster Committee, convene any meetings so far, with the members of the National Disaster committees, to address the current state of drought emergency situation, throughout the  entire country?

I thought in such worst case scenario, when the drought is prolonging over six months period, and further continue for another six months, that is to next year June 2016, as predicted by the National Weather Office, which means all areas nationwide will be severely affected and classified under category 5 rating, which in emergency term is now on the red light alert, a state of emergency is imminent, and should by now declared by the National Executive Council.

When declared, a controller will be appointed and set up of the Drought Coordinating Centre with a secretariat’s office to work in, and coordinating the major relief operations. 

The National Government should intervene now and handle the situation through its processes and protocols.

I am also wondering if the National Disaster Committee organised teams comprising of other government agencies and the provincial disaster offices to conduct nationwide physical drought rapid assessment on the current situation.

Good governance is building on all leveles of government with accountability and transparency .


Michael M. Kauke

Bogia, Madang