National government has lost the plot

Letters, Normal

Recently, I visited Port Moresby General Hospital, the nation’s premier hospital.
It was sad to see it in such a run-down state.
The notable defects I saw included structural defects, limited or no lights, stains, poor waste (biomedical, infectious and general waste) collection and disposal, dirty, poor signage direction and lack of provision of bins for general trash in the public area, just to name a few.
I can go on but it will be a waste of my time because the government has not shown any interests to address serious health issues, safety and welfare of the people.
The appointments of bureaucrats to manage public institutions are based on political lines, leaving a lot to be desired.
Whistle blowers become sacrificial lamb such as Isaac Lupari and Dr Allan Marat.
Now, there are talks that the government is trying to strip the powers of NCD Governor Powes Parkop merely because he brought face-lift to Port Moresby.
This shows the government has obviously lost the plot and is desperate to hang on to power.
It is a reflection of self-centredness, greediness and inconsiderateness.
The rampant lack of prudent management will lead to all hell breaking loose.


Nickson Waiyo
Via email