National highway bringing opportunities


SIMON Yopo’s expression of his personal views published last month relating to the Trans-National Highway connecting Highlands to Port Moresby needs to be challenged.
He mentioned many things but I will challenge him with only a few.
Simon, you need to do more research on the topics you mentioned.
Are you really sure that highlands people are a 101 per cent problem in Port Moresby?
If so, where are your facts?
Ethnic issues do happen, but not to the extent of the ethnic issues happening almost every day in Enga that results in innocent Engans becoming refugees in Port Moresby.
I think there are more Engans in Port Moresby than those from other provinces.
You should be specific rather than generalising.
How do you define land grabbing? Most land occupied outside of the perimeter of the city was sold off by the landowners, the Motu-Koitabuans.
Some Papua New Guineans who were unable to purchase land took refuge in settlements on State land. Settlements and shanty towns are global issue.
We are part of the global village, therefore, you cannot avoid the settlement issues.
Authorities must create policies that enable settlers to have access to services provided by any level of government. Littering is a problem in our beautiful city, however, your mention of highlands’ people is incorrect.
Port Moresby is a multicultural city and rubbish was made by Papua New Guineans.
What kind of rubbish are you talking about?
Simon, remember that all highlanders are not what you say.
Most of us living in the city are responsible and peace-loving citizens. Back to the topic of the Trans-National Highway: connecting all parts of PNG by land, sea or river to the capital city or to any other province is the way forward for any country to progress/develop.
We are connected to the world in many ways already.
It’s very contradicting if we are not connected ourselves. One good thing you mentioned was Highlanders are business-minded people.
They can do anything under the sun to make money. We can grow our economy through such aggression.
Take the Asians as an example.
You forgot that the highway will provide spin-off benefits for people living along its corridor.
Our other highlanders who are stuck in the city due to high cost of air travel can travel home.
Fresh food from the highlands can be transported into the city using the cheap mode of transport through the trans-national highway. Finally, the proposal by the Government is the result of endless debates and consultations.
We don’t want to be left behind.
Make it a reality. I suggest the contract be given to a Chinese company.

Joeggy Bavo