National Land Transport Board sleeping

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, June 21, 2011

THE responsibility of over­seeing land transportation comes under the National Land Transport Board which include the PMVs in NCD.
This board has been si­lent over the issues raised by the suffering commuting public.
Many are ignorantly blaming the NCDC as if it is the cause of all the pro­blems in NCD.
The NCD governor is just trying to help the suffering public.
A question that will come up again and again is why PMVs and taxis, many of which are not road-worthy, are being given licences to operate.
Does the government need to privatise this sector so that some positive chan­ges can be implemented and enjoyed by the public?
Why are the police not addressing the raskol pro­blems being experienced at urban bus stops including Port Moresby and Lae?
Who is res­ponsible for looking at the infrastructure in urban areas?
Why are stakeholders so quiet about the pro­blems affecting Port Moresby which appears not to have any more land for development?
Do we need the Australians to come back and do everything for us as
we appear to be incapable of looking after ourselves?
After 35 years of failed self-government, is it time to admit that “we are not capable of running own affairs”?


John Lommiu
Port Moresby