National Maritime Safety Authority rep becomes PacWIMA president

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Patricia Oii of the Papua New Guinea Maritime Safety Authority is now the Pacific Women in Maritime Association (PacWIMA) President.This came about during the 2nd Pacific Conference for PacWIMA recently in Port Moresby.
This inspiring young woman is the Legal Officer-Legislation with the Authority from Kukipi Village in the Gulf but regards herself from Milne Bay as she was born and raised there, welcomed her appointment and is looking forward to a fruitful two-year as being the president.
Oii thanked the outgoing PacWIMA executives for their hard work and also for their important leadership in the last two years that was critical after the re-launching of PacWIMA.
“To my sisters from the Pacific,thank you for your vote of confidence in giving the PacWIMA Chair to Papua New Guinea at the conclusion of the 2nd Regional Conference for Pacific Women In Maritime, she said.
Allow me to also thank the outgoing Chair, Mavis Joseph-Logavatu and her hardworking Executives,Dinah Inape-Omenefa, Jordanna Mareko, Tanny Saepio, Sidney Lui-Ikiua and Kelela Tonga. You amazing women provided important leadership in the 2 years that was critical after the re-launching of PacWIMA.
“You laid a solid foundation for PacWIMA and even though you have passed the beacon on to our new Team, you all remain an integral part of this group.”Oii said “As we look towards 2018-2020, let us continue to work together to ensure our journey is inclusive and durable as we work towards achieving the goals and objectives of our Association. Letus chart our course using our Compass of Innovation and Success.
Let us do more than plan. Let us take action. Let us inspire one another. Let us lift each other up.Let us encourage and mentor our women and girls in our work places,our schools and our communities.Individually and collectively, let us be one voice for change and progress.”
She challenged and encouraged women in the Pacific, both from the established State WIMAs and those without including those who attended the 2nd Regional Conference to take back home and put to use what they all learnt from the recent Conference.
Oii also encouraged our women folk in the respective Pacific Island countries to take up the maritime careers in this male dominated field and press for change and progress.
She said“ It would be remiss of me not to make a mention of the tremendous work and support given to PacWIMA by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the Pacific Community (SPC). We thank you for your continued support,technical assistance and guidance provided over the years.You men and women are champions and a continuous source of inspiration to us. We look forward to your continued support and guidance.
Finally, I am immensely pleased and humbled to have on board a team of remarkable women to work with for the next 2 years. Teina Mackenzie, Anaseini Tukana, MeleHavea Lavemaau, Yasmine Kamastei a and Rachel Bare-Anita, let us pull up anchor, set out our sails and cast off.”

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