National security warning ignored

Letters, Normal

LAST November, I wrote an article about Papua New Guinea’s weak national security, and to date, the Somare Government is still ignoring this vital issue and not doing anything about it.
Allow me to add more facts to prove that our national security is indeed very weak.
The recent mass prison break out at Buimo jail in Lae, Morobe province, indicates that our security forces are becoming weak and the ratio of a security personnel to civilians is unbalanced.
According to my research, out of every 600 people, about 150 to 200 people cannot be protected.
Secondly, the attempted murder on the Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek last month tells us that guns and other firearms are still being smuggled into the country, and some people are illegally in possession of firearms which you or a person you know can become a victim of.
Finally, there was a security alert notice published by Bank South Pacific to its internet banking customers about hoax emails being circulated.
It proves that our ICT systems are not secured, which means your bank accounts can be hacked!
You could become a victim as a result of our weak national security.


Simple Sebs,