National stars lead team into grand final

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The National, Thursday October 10th, 2013

 NATIONAL women’s soccer representatives Cathy Agunam and Ara Midi stood out in leading their senior Crossroad team to the grand final against Telikom on Sunday at the National Sports Institute.

The duo took the Crossroad girls into the grand final after beating the Telikom girls.

But Telikom came back strongly to meet them again after beating Blue Kumuls 2-0 in the semi-final last Sunday.

The Augunam-Midi combination is tipped to give Crossroad the upper hand. Agunam is the Goroka Football Association president.

Telikom, which boasts experienced players in Cathy Samson, Sheena Edwards and Fabianna Pinia, will give Crossroad a stiff challenge.

In the men’s senior division, Blue Kumuls, with National Soccer League players Hanz Kappa Mambere, Califord Aviko, Theo Yariyari and McDonald Daviaga, will create havoc against Crossroad.

But Crossroad, with regulars Steven Ricew Agunam, Andrew Joe, Iggy Talia and Kira Sireh, will go out fighting for the premiership.

In the women’s Under-23 division, Crossroad will take on Telikom and Telikom plays Crossroad in the men’s U23 grand final.

The U16 will see Blue Kumuls take on Telikom in the men’s and women’s finals.

Agunam said the Minogere Police Barracks-based Blue Kumuls team had secured the minor premiership.