Natural PNG highly admired

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The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013

 A LEADING French naturalist says Papua New Guinea is a hot spot for scientists.

Prof Philippe Bouchet, who led a biodiversity expedition researching on plant and animal life in Madang up to Mt Wilhelm in Chimbu last year, made the comment during his presentation of the research at Port Moresby’s Grand Papua Hotel on Tuesday.

“It is the dream of every naturalist in the world to study life forms in PNG, which is part of the Coral Triangle,” Bouchet said.

He is also a senior professor at the French Museum in Paris.

The Coral Triangle refers to the triangular area of tropical marine waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, PNG, the Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste. 

This area is said to have more marine life species than other parts of the world. 

The details of the research project are already creating a lot of interest and applied in some way in France.

French Ambassador to PNG Alain Waquet said: “The expedition has received considerable media coverage in France. 

“The information has been used in the classrooms throughout the school year as a vehicle for geography, English or life sciences lessons.

 “All of this indirectly contributes to disseminating a positive image of PNG.” 

Bouchet said the project, which ran from September to December last year, included a terrestrial (land) and marine component and brought to the field some 200 participants from 20 countries.