Nature park festival shows glimpse of traditional living

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Port Moresby Nature Park yesterday hosted a festival showing a glimpse of traditional living which coincided with a tourism exposition initiated by the Tourism Industry Association and the Tourism Promotion Authority.
“We have the Pasin Tumbuna Festival which is a Nature Park and NCD-partnered event to celebrate traditional culture and skills and we have also the Lukim PNG Nau expo which happens every year,” Nature Park manager Michelle McGeorge said.
“Nature Park came up with the concept of the Pasin Tumbuna event two years ago when we realised that in a festival alot of us see the singsings but there is very little that goes on to show us, to teach us about the actual skill of a tradition that goes into this and alot of those things we feel are at more of a threat (of being lost).”
She said skills from the four regions of PNG at risk of being lost were showcased.
“We are excited to have different regions represented and showing us different kinds of things from cooking to traditional bilas-making of instruments, fishing net making and more.”

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