Nature Park gets students closer to culture


THE Port Moresby Nature Park hosted hundreds of students in the Pasin Tumbuna-themed programme held over two weekends last month.
It followed the Pasin Tumbuna Festival held on Aug 19 at Nature Park.
It promotes the preservation of culture and how the flora and fauna of PNG have influenced culture through story-telling, songs and traditional dances.
The programme featured cultural practices in the four regions on:

  • How animals have shaped traditional dances;
  • How plants were used as traditional medicine;
  • Increasing cultural awareness and understanding; and
  • Learning about sacred sites and their benefits.

The park’s education and life sciences manager, Ishimu Bebe, said it was important to teach children to value and conserve culture and tradition.
He thanked the National Capital District Commission for providing transport for the children.
The Pasin Tumbuna Week is in line with the education curriculum.

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