Nawaeb teachers and students learn basic computer skills

Youth & Careers

ABOUT 270 teachers and students in the Nawaeb district of Morobe attended a two-week basic computer literacy training in Upper Erap over the term two holidays.
The training was conducted from June 25 to July 05.
Facilitator Nicks Sam said the programme was conducted by trainers from the Lutheran World Federation.
Sam said the basic computer training courses was the first of its kind in the district and the response was overwhelming.
“We had students coming from as far as Nawaeb Lutheran High School, Bumayong Secondary School and Bugandi Secondary School to attend,” Sam said.
“Students from Tinibi, Rabisap, Finogang and Guebum Primary Schools also attended with their teachers.
“They were taught basic computing skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher.
“The aim of the course was to introduce the participants to computers and how to use the different software,” he said.
Sam said each participant had to pay a fee of K68 to attend the training.
He said the participants camped in the area and attended the training.
Head teacher of Guebum Primary School, Mutenkec Muyup said the programme was helpful to the participants.
Muyup, who also undertook the training, said it had equipped him with the right knowledge and skills to do his work.
He said more of such programmes should be conducted in the rural areas so that students who do not have computer laboratories can know how to use computers.
The programme ended with the presentation of attainment certificates to the participants.

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