NBC plans expansion to cover 80-90% of country

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The National, Monday 20th May 2013

 ACHIEVING the five-year corporate plan which calls for a restructure and expansion of services is the main focus of the new National Broadcasting Corporation board.  

The board, officially sworn in on Tuesday and chaired by senior public servant Ken Wosai, is determined to improve the function of NBC by restructuring the organisation, which includes the expansion of its television and radio services to 80 to 90% of the country. 

Deputy chairman Paul Reptario said: “The new board is coming in to strategically take NBC forward to fully a corporate organisation. It needs to be self-sustaining and not always rely on government funding each year. 

“It is in the best position right now to change the way it operates.”

Reptario said it had been 20 years since NBC underwent restructuring and there was a need to review the Broadcasting Corporation Act. 

The five-year corporate plan outlines tasks for the board to achieve and they include expansion,  converting data storage from analogue to digital, upgrading provincial radio stations and improving human resource and welfare. 

The new board is Ken Wosai (chairman), Paul Reptario (deputy chairman), Esther Igo, Otto Noruka and Jimmy Veneo as members.