NBC staff urged to do best

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The Nationl, Monday 10th September, 2012

MINISTER for Communication and Information Jimmy Miringtoro told National Broadcasting Corporation staff their utmost job remained in the delivery of effective services.
Speaking to them at 5-Mile in Port Moresby last Friday, he said: “We are embarking on changes to bring to this country and I would like full cooperation from the staff to make these new initiatives workable.”
He told them that during the past 40 years the country had achieved less in actual developments because successive governments intervened less into  performances of the departments.
“We, in this 9th parliament, are very serious about the development of the nation and we are all calling on our individual departmental staff to pull up their socks and work.”
He said he would not tolerate slackness and urged all to do to do their utmost best.
Miringtoro also called on employees not to cause inconvenience within the department through infighting when jostling for senior positions.“Changes in government does not mean junior officers should try to get to the top levels occupied by another as this would only hinder positive developments.”
He said if staff were facing problems in their career or in their lives, they should approach their senior staff with their grievance.“Talk with people who will help you. If your grievance needs urgent intervention then appropriate authorities such as  the governing board can help.”
He said the right channel of communication should be followed for common understanding among staff.