NCC developing film policy


THE National Cultural Commission (NCC) is working on a film policy to grow the film industry in Papua New Guinea.
Executive director Steven Kilanda said the film industry was a potentially lucrative industry that could create employment as well as preserve and promote PNG’s diverse culture.
“The film industry can be a big industry in the country, we have got a lot of things to showcase,” he said.
“PNG is a very interesting destination for film makers.”
Kilanda said the National Film Institute (NFI) in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, would be opened later this year.
“We have purchased equipment – cameras, drones, laptops and other things needed in films then we will move into producing programmes.”
NFI is responsible for developing films as a medium of communication with a PNG audience – creating awareness on the richness of PNG cultures through film and encouraging the making of documentaries, producing films with a PNG perspective and developing film as an educational tool.
“Right now, they are working on cultural show documentaries and running film training programme for youths and school dropouts,” Kilanda said.
“We also need infrastructure and manpower going forward.”

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  • Very strategic thinking investing in visual technologies especially with COVID_19 strict protocols. Lectures and tutorial can be filmed and made accessible for students and archived for future use..

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