NCD kids observe children’s day in library

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CHILDREN visiting the Buk Bilong Pikinini children’s mini-library at the Lawes Road Clinic last Friday, were delighted to take part in the fun and games including activities to promote children’s health, safety and hygiene.
The programme was organised by Family Health International (FHI) in partnership with Buk Bilong Pikinini  project in PNG to commemorate this year’s theme for International Children’s Day which fell last Friday.
With the theme “Multicultural, health and safety,” FHI had organised some activities to educate children on basic hygiene, HIV/AIDS and children’s rights to protection.
“Posters on safety rules when crossing roads were issued and children were shown a hand wash exercise to know when and how to wash hands to promote good hygiene practices,” Nayer Kaviani, FHI PNG country director, said.
She said children were also issued with cholera cards showing how the disease was transmitted and ways to prevent it from spreading.
“We have advised them to take the cards back home to their families,” Ms Kaviani said.
Ms Kaviani who was speaking to The National last Friday after the children’s day celebration said the children responded well and showed great interest in the activities.
“There were also activities on emotional safety and how to care for each other in which children were allowed to share stories and identify virtues such as respect, love, care and the importance of these values and how it has impact on their development.”
They were also taught to understand ways on HIV transmission and prevention and the importance of family support and care through drawings that depicted how the virus was affecting them and their families.