NCD police need K3.5mil for system to boost service

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POLICE in the National Capital District need about K3.5 million to set up a data-based system to improve its service, Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou, pictured, says.
“I have made proposals to some major business houses in Port Moresby but received no response as yet,” he told The National.
“The Family and Sexual Violence Unit had recently installed a data-base system and its working well. Therefore I would like to do the same for all the nine police stations including the CID (Criminal Investigation Division), traffic, Prosecution and support units. I want to apply the same concept from FSVU.”
N’Dranou said information from the reported cases entered into the system would help improve the work of the police through identifying cases, perpetrators, hot spots of crime, history of the registered cases and other information that would help police provide effective service in combating crime.
He said the data would also assist the police to identify challenges and obstacles as well as staff performances for appraisal purposes.
“K3 million compared to the lives of people living in the city is worth the money,” he said.
“I’m asking stakeholders to chip in to improve the service of the police.
“We see so much spent on sports and other social activities by government and business houses. Can the same be done towards improving the services of the police?
“People are complaining about police not doing their job well. But if you don’t invest, then how do you expect 100 per cent service?”

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