NCD police vow to catch would-be assassins

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NCD and Central police Commander Chief Supt Awan Sete has strongly condemned the attempted assassination of Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek.
He vowed to use every resource within his command to catch the “would-be-assassins”.Chief Supt Sete told a press conference at Boroko police station that it was a sad day for the country.
“This is a terrible act and must be strongly condemned by every God-fearing and law-abiding citizens,” he said.
He said policemen and women under his command had been instructed to work tirelessly to bring justice to those responsible.
“Metropolitan Supt Fred Yakasa already has a team dedicated to catching these criminals,” Chief Supt Sete said.
He appealed to anyone with information on this “attempted murder” to report to either their nearest police station, Chief Supt Yakasa or himself.
He urged people not to allow PNG become like other countries where the assassination of senior public officials and leaders were common.
Chief Supt Sete said investigations had started and they would be working with information that was available.
Chief Supt Yakasa said there had been no indication, information or rumours in the past two to three months that would have ignited the situation.
Meanwhile, East New Britain Governor Leo Dion has condemned the attempted assassination of Mr Manek.