NCD residents receive treated nets starting Monday

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The National- Wednesday, January 19, 2011


PORT Moresby residents have been flocking to various locations where treated mosquito nets are currently being distributed to families with children under five years of age.

The distribution of treated mosquito nets is a joint project by the Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM), Population Services International (PSI), National Capital District Commission (NCDC) and the NCD Health Services to help prevent the spread of malaria and  stop deaths.

Volunteers Lua Alu and Godfrey Mare who are stationed at the Life Line office in Waigani, told The National yesterday that they gave out 300 nets on Monday.

They said most people in that area who turned up to get the nets were guardians and care takers of children within the targeted age group whose parents were either away or at work.

They said it was a different story in the settlements where either both parents or one of the parents, especially the mothers, were present to get the nets.

Alu said because of the strict requirements they had to turn away some children.

Children who were born on or after Jan 1, 2006 are qualified to get a net and the child must go to a health centre or a designated distribution point with their baby clinic book together with a parent, guardian of other care taker.

RAM operations manager Rachael Kurup said there was very good attendance at all the locations that she went to since Monday.

At the 9-Mile area, Kurup said the place was packed yesterday morning with a long queue  and  200 nets were given. 

At the Kilakila village, 700 nets were given out yesterday and Kurup reported that there was still a long queue when she left about midday.

“So far we have given out 8,000 on Monday and we’re looking at more on Tuesday,” she said.

“This is the type of thing we want to see,” Kurup said.

RAM is hoping to give out about 58,000 treated nets to families of children in the city.

The designated locations in the city are:

. Waigani – Life Line office – Jan 17-22;

. Saraga – SDA Church  – Jan 17-21;

. 8-Mile – Marie Stopes Clinic – Jan 17-22;

. Hanuabada – St Michael’s Church – Jan 17-20;

. Idubada – Kanudi United Church – Jan 21; and

. Tatana Island – Community Hall – Jan 22.

A mobile team would  also visit Fishermen’s Island, Lode Kone Island and Gereka today to give out the nets to those who would need them.