NCD school heads to face fraud squad

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BOARD chairmen and head teachers of seven primary schools in the National Capital District will be referred to the fraud squad after they allegedly misappropriated a substantial amount of money belonging to the schools they looked after.
NCD education board representative Michael Lavaki said this during the launching of the universal-based education system at Eki Vaki Primary School last week.
Lavaki said the NCD education board was aware of those involved in misusing funds belonging to the schools which were assigned for rehabilitation and other purposes.
“The board is aware of those board chairmen and head teachers involved in misappropriating their school’s funds,” Lavaki said.
“This is a bad practice and the NCD education board will not tolerate it.”
He said the board had received complaints from teachers and parents and had looked into the matter.
“And we were surprised at what we discovered,” Lavaki said.
He said the mismanagement of school funds had been happening over the years and it had really affected the schools and particularly the infrastructures had run-down.
“School boards and head teachers are entrusted to perform and make the schools a conducive environment for the students to learn from but with such corrupt practices in place, the schools are  run-down and it makes learning difficult for the students,” Lavaki said.
He said those board chairmen and head teachers of the seven schools would be referred to the police fraud squad soon once all the details of misappropriation were finalised.
Lavaki urged the board and management of the schools to provide all the necessary support to the students to feel comfortable during their learning process.