NCD students to benefit from PNGCF scholarships

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THE Papua New Guinea Children’s Foundation (PNGCF) has again come to the assistance of needy children with education scholarships for this year.
The executive director of PNGCF Yiannis Nicholoau said the recent sponsorship of K22,000 covered about 110 kids.
So far, PNGCF has paid school fees for about 300 children.
The PNGCF is a charitable organisation which depends on donors and fundraising for its activities in Port Moresby.
Mr Nicholoau said at present, PNGCF was providing meals for between 300 and 400 kids at 6-Mile every Saturday.
During the feeding, PNGCF takes care of the sick kids by either taking the doctors to them or by taking the kids to the private clinic.
“We have a few very good Filipino ladies that teach the kids hygiene, teach them how to read, write, etc,” he said.
PNGCF rents a house at East Boroko where they look after kids who have been sexually or physically abused. Some of them are orphans.
Mr Nicholoau said the home was called “Kids Haven”.
“It is basically meant to be a transition place for them for a short period of time (a couple of months) where PNGCF staff counsel the kids and try to put them back in the society taking away the fear of the bad experience they had.
“PNGCF feeds them three times a day, transports them to school and back and basically provide them with what they should be getting if they had a normal family.”