NCD traffic can do more

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 29, 2010

 THE National Capital District traffic authority has banned tinted glasses on public vehicles such as taxis and PMVs (The National, Dec 24).

Well done!

Indeed, this will go some way towards protecting the passengers.

I really wonder how the authorities keep tab on these public transport operators and drivers.

Their road manners already leave much to be desired, as we see them bullying their way through, making sudden stops and so on.

The traffic authorities should not stop there if they are serious about ensuring the safety of road users.

They should also impose a hefty fine on owners of vehicles which do not have proper windscreens and indicator lights.

These people are not only endangering themselves but also others.

It is really a shock to see vehicles with plastic sheets replacing the rear glass, or shattered windscreen.

How on earth can they see and drive safely?




Port Moresby